About us

Zero Ping is a high-end PC gaming lounge in the heart of Nelson CBD. Whether you need to surf the Internet, check emails,
print & scan, or just play computer games – come visit us!

We offer 21 high-performance, professional gaming screens, mechanical keyboards, gaming mice and headsets, and comfortable gaming chairs. We also serve hot and cold drinks so you can feel refreshed and hydrated during your stays.

We also fix and sell computers and laptops. You can bring your computer to us or ask us to come and visit you in your home or office – the choice is yours.

We are located at 120 Bridge St in Nelson near Buxton square car park. We are open every day except Monday from noon till late.

Monday through Thursday – 12PM to 8PM
Friday – 12PM to 10PM
Saturday – 10AM to 10PM
Sunday – 10AM to 6PM

We have a fridge with soft & energy drinks. We also sell snacks like candies, crisps, nuts, and noodles.

We offer free WiFi for gamers. The vouchers are good for one hour and you can use up to 100MB of data – enough to check emails and catch up with your friends on Facebook and Messenger. Need more? Ask us!

If you have any questions, you will find the answers on our website.
To contact us, use Facebook
Or call us at 021 169 5502

PC Gaming at its best!