Origin Access is awesome!

I’m definitely changing my opinion of Origin and EA Games! In my previous post, titled Saving money on PC games, I recommended staying away from Origin as their sharing policy is very strict and games are very expensive. However, knowing that Battlefield 1 won’t be available on anything but Origin, I decided to give it a try. I signed up for a subscription service called Origin Access and this is what they promise for just $7 a month:

  • over 30 games available
  • 10% off Origin purchases
  • try new games before they are released.

My impressions so far… The games are older titles, released in 2015 and before but they have great games such as Crysis 3, Battlefield 3 & 4, FIFA 2016, TitanFall, SimCity, Dead Space 1,2,3 and many others… check out yourself. Many of these games are still sold for more than $50…

The games are huge! I downloaded about 8 games and my computer with a 500GB SSD ran out of space overnight… each games is at least 30GB and some are more than 60. Good luck downloading them on limited ADSL connections 🙂

The games can be copied from a computer to computer without having to download/install then. A valid account is required though, so you can really play them for free.

But the biggest bonus is that you can also get expensive games like Battlefield 1 and try them for a few hours! I downloaded it and Origin gave me 10 hours of free gameplay! I really wish more companies would do a similar thing, allowing you to check if the game you are interested works on your hardware and check it for a few hours to spark interest… or lose it.

Anyway, if you are keen to play any of the Origin Access games, I can download all of them on our server and then install them quickly on some computers here at ZeroPing. And I definitely recommend Origin Access, it costs almost nothing but you can play so many AAA titles!

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