In addition to making PC gaming accessible to everyone, we cater to tourists and those of you who need to work while away from home.

We have LibreOffice installed on every computer so you can work on text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It’s a free and simple alternative to Microsoft Office and has the same features.

You can use our computers to print from the Internet, emails, or your own USB drives. You can also send emails and attachments to us at

Printing and copy per page

Black and white text – 50c
Black and white duplex – 80c
Black and white picture – from $1, depending on size
Colour text – $1
Colour picture – from $2, depending on size

Scanning is $2 per page and we can save your scans to either PDF or JPG format.

WiFi access

We offer free WiFi for gamers. The vouchers are good for one hour and you can use up to 100MB of data – enough to check emails and catch up with your friends on Facebook and Messenger. Need more? Ask us!

You can also bring your own laptops, tablets, or cellphones and connect to our WiFi network. You can buy access based on your time of stay, and amount of data needed.

1 hour – 2GB data, 10mbps speed – $4
3 hours – 5GB data, 10mbps speed – $8
8 hours – 10GB data, 20mbps speed – $15

We are flexible with these so let us know if you need more data, higher speeds, or longer times!

Computer repairs

We also offer computer repairs, both in store and at your home/office. Please visit  YourComputerGuy for more information.

PC Gaming at its best!