How much does it cost to play? Good question! We have hourly rates and unlimited passes for one day, weekend, week, or month.
In addition, we charge $2 per visit for our best and fastest computers.

Hourly rates

The hourly pricing depends on how many hours you want to stay. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets! You don’t have to use your time in one visit and we keep it on your account for one month.

Current rates:
1 hour – $8
2 hours – $12
3 hours – $15
5 hours – $22
10 hours – $40

We also want you to invite friends and have special deals. You can get 5 or 10 hours and split it with your buddy!
Want some free time? Just invite somebody who hasn’t been here before, and when you get at least one hour each, you and your friend get an extra hour to play for free! BOGO!

For hardcore games, we offer unlimited passes, valid from opening till closing.
A weekday pass is $25, two-day pass is $40 (valid weekdays only). If you want to play the whole weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you can do it for $45!

Want to play the whole week? It’s just $80 – that’s less than $2 per hour if you stay here from opening to closing. We even have a month pass for $250! All you can play, no strings attached.

PC Gaming at its best!