Common sense rules

This is a public place so please be mindful of other people. Keep your voice down and respect other players and guests. Swearing is ok with us but don’t be too loud and obnoxious.

We don’t allow drink­s and snacks bought from the outside. Please support the local business and buy from us. We have a fridge full of soft & energy drinks, juices, water, and coffee. We also have candies, crisps, and can make you hot noodles.


 Take your bottles and cans to the recycling bin at the kitchen towards the back. Please take your rubbish such as plastic cups, candy wraps, cigarette filters, etc, outside. There are two rubbish bins near Farmers and next to the Kebab shop.


The bathroom is in the back. Open the window if doing Number Two and use the toilet brush afterwards. ­­Please wash your hands after using it and make sure you leave it clean and tidy. Let us know if soap or toilet paper needs a refill!


We are happy to answer simple questions regarding how to use our computers. If you need more help, we recommend watching YouTube videos, going to the library for computer tutoring, or scheduling a private lesson with us.


Basic computer tips

Turn the computer on, the power button is marked. Wait couple minutes and it will be ready with the login screen.


You can switch between games and apps by holding Alt and pressing Tab.


You can print documents in black and colour, on one side or duplex, and have them scanned and sent to your email. Please ask us for assistance


You can use your own USB drives and memory cards (card readers are available at front desk) to open and save files.

Navigate to Apps -> Explorer -> and it will open the standard Windows Explorer app just like on any other computer. You can also open the files from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Open Office.

Zero Ping accounts

We can log you in as a guest user. For short stays under one ­­­hour, you can pay after you finish. For long stays over one hour, please pay in advance. We can add more time if necessary.


You can create a ZeroPing account if you are planning to visit us more than just a few times. Type your name at the front desk and use it to login to a computer. When you log in for the first time, you will register by providing your name, email, and choosing a password. Next time you come here, you can use the same account. The unused time accumulates and remains on your account for one month.


Game Accounts

All games nowadays require user accounts to keep track of your progress, save the played games and participate in the gaming community. Many games are free, such as League of Legends, DOTA2, Team Fortress, Hearthstone, Fortnite, and many others. We recommend you create own accounts, it only takes a few minutes.

If you want to play games from your accounts, you will need to login to your own Steam / Battle.Net / Origin /uPlay account. You might need to check your email for a confirmation code. Use the web browser or check your phone – we provide free    Wi-Fi. 

Many other games cost money but you can still play them here! We have a limited number of licenses for the most popular games and you can play using our store accounts. If you really like the games, consider buying them to help the developers.


All games are installed on our server, so if a game you want to play isn’t installed, you will need to ask us for assistance. However, we have a huge library of games to choose from so, chances are, we already have what you want to play!


User Interface and navigation

The main window will show the current time & date. You can see how much time you have left on the bottom left.


Games are shown in the middle. Again, if you want to use your own account, click on Apps, and launch Steam, Battle.Net, Origin, or uPlay. Otherwise, feel free to use our own accounts, we have licenses for the most popular games.

Choose what you want to play and click Play Now. Once you hit Play, sit back and relax while the game is loading. Don’t click Play several times, or else it might crash. If nothing happens after launch, ask us for help.



Want to browse the Internet? Click Apps and launch Chrome or Firefox to get online. The computers are configured to not remember your browsing history. However, please log out of your email, Facebook, or any other accounts you used and delete the downloaded files, if necessary. All your files will be deleted when the computers restart.



Many games have built-in game chats. You can also use TeamSpeak or Discord for voice and text chats – just keep it down and respect other players. You can adjust the volume on the headset or through the main interface -> Apps -> Sound Settings icon.

If the mouse is too fast or slow, you can adjust the sensitivity. Change the mouse colour to red with a switch on the bottom, then use arrows up and down next to the mouse wheel to adjust the speed.

Want to talk to your friends and relatives? You can borrow a webcam from us




Summer Hours


Monday                 8:40 AM - 5:20 PM 

Tuesday                 8:40 AM - 5:20 PM

Wednesday        8:40 AM - 5:20 PM

Thursday              8:40 AM - 5:20 PM

Friday                     8:40 AM - 5:20 PM

Saturday               12:00PM - 6:00PM

Sunday                       CLOSED            


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